March, in time

A rose by any other name would be easier to spell.

A Walk in March


Looking Forward, Seeing Behind

Over the Edge

Cut or Uncut

Leaving a Garden, slowly

Here’s lookin’

Autumn on Puget Sound


Winged Cultivation

Rants from Travelsville

Sea of Humanity

Tropaeolum polyphyllum

Again, Mt. Townsend

Chengdu where I will be spending the next month

Yet Again, Sa Pa

A Tree, Farewell

My Exotic Epiphany

Genetic Coning

Shards of Spring

Shards of Spring2

Autumnal Redress

There, Here

There, Here.

Annual 'Roundup'

October Mornings

Anybody Want A Peanut?

From SaPa Vietnam

photo gallery

The Genus Dyckia